The Confident Athlete Top 10 Social Media Posts of 2022

The Confident Athlete’s top 10 posts for 2022…

#10 Jealousy is a lack of confidence.

#9 Until you change your way of thinking, you will always recycle your experiences.





#7 Confidence is simple, it comes from the things you say to yourself. Self-talk is a trainable skill. It allows you to go for it when outcomes are unknown. Too often, a thought gets in the way of us going for it – “what will other people think? -Brene Brown






#5 Often, we allow ourselves to feel average. There’s nothing average about you; but we don’t realize who we are. We focus on weaknesses, what we don’t have, or on our mistakes. We end up settling for mediocrity. Change your focus today and watch your life change.

#4 Be where your feet are today. Let this season, this day, this moment have all of you. Make the most of today’s opportunities, forget what happened in the past or what lies ahead. All that matters is this moment. Win it & you’ll start to win the day.

#3 Be careful with excuses around children. If you blame, refs, teammates, coaches, field conditions, weather, etc. every time they don’t succeed, you are not building a confident athlete, you are raising an excuse maker. Blame is a close relative of entitlement. -Proactive Coaching

#2 Never ever, ever settle. Don’t settle for a job, don’t settle for your position, don’t settle in relationships, don’t settle for your dream. Do what you need to do for what you want. It’s not up to others. It’s up to your belief, your effort, your attitude!