Speaking Engagements

Tami can customize a message to be delivered to a large group including athletic departments and student bodies.

Speaking Engagements can address topics of the mental game or leadership. Speaking Engagements are a great way to introduce new topics to a large audience. This is a great way to get your group in the right mindset!

What to expect:

  • Customized to address the needs of the audience
  • Engagement can be assembly-style or seminar-style
  • Materials to take home to assist with follow up strategies
  • We come to your site – no travel
  • Unlimited email correspondence
  • Email access to weekly motivational and mental toughness tips
  • Cost varies based on travel, number of participants and level (high school, traveling teams, collegiate, etc)

One-on-One &
Team Coaching

Do you lack confidence, have trouble overcoming adversity, find it difficult to have a positive mindset, struggle to stay focused, or in the moment you need to perform you feel paralyzed by a fear of failure?

Perhaps you are struggling to recover or deal with an injury. Maybe as a team you lack unity on your team, need assistance in creating your culture, or help in developing your leadership. Or you just want to reach another level?

Contact Tami Matheny today for one-on-one or team coaching!

Jon Gordon Workshops

Do you have leaders in your organization or are you apart of a team that could use some positive guidance to make sure your culture is being built and followed consistently? If so Tami Matheny is a certified Jon Gordon Trainer in “The Power of Positive Team” and “The Power of Positive Leadership”.

The Power of Positive Leadership

For Coaches and Student Athletes

Coaches and student athletes will learn proven principles and practices to lead themselves and others while implementing skills and stategies to develop a positive mindset, manage stress, conquer fear, overcome negativity, and build great relationships and teams.

The Power of a Positive Team

For Coaches and Teams

Utilizing the latest research, compelling stories, interactive discussions, and customized team building strategies. Your team will leave more optimistic, connected, committed, and prepared to succeed together!

The Confident Athlete Online Program

You put a lot of time and effort into the physical aspect of your support. But the mental game is just as important and is what often separates the good from the great athletes.

How would you like to increase your confidence and take your game to another level without 1 on 1 coaching or having to read a book? This program allows you to go at your own pace.