Embrace the Pivot

Yesterday I was asked the question, “how did you pivot during Covid?” My answer- after a couple of months of pity parties, I was able to rise above what wasn’t happening, what I didn’t have and start focusing on what I could do. What I could do was reach people I had never reached across the world by allowing myself to be more receptive to technology. I started being on as many podcast, webinars, etc that I could and I embraced the world of zoom.
And even though I often say I now have “zoom butt” and I’ve lost my eyesight staring so much at a computer, I am so thankful for zoom. It opened my world and brought in friends, colleagues, clients, etc that wouldn’t been in my orbit otherwise. This week alone, I was able to travel to work with a college men’s soccer program, a D1 women’s soccer team, JR college golf team, high school VB and tennis teams, a handful of individual athletes from all sports while still being able to connect via zoom with a high school team in Arkansas, a football team in Colorado, a college women’s soccer team, a handful or individual athletes and a zoom for over 100 high school athletes.
Prior to covid, there is no way I would have been able to have this type of reach in a week. The point I hope to leave you with is despite the storm you are in, how can you pivot and plant seeds so that you bloom when the storm is over? Just like the palm tree whose roots are strengthened when it’s blowing in rough winds, we have to allow ourselves to be strengthened during out rough weather. #ThisisGood