Ants Show Us How to Handle Adversity

After a rain, it seems as if my driveway and yard become ant farms. Ant hills pop up left and right overnight. Often I’ll try to sweep away the ant hills only to find that they are rebuilt the next day. This shows me they know how to handle adversity effectively. So during challenging times what can we learn from this persistency?

  • They focus on rebuilding what was lost, not on what they lost.
  • They don’t sit around complaining or blaming. They take action.
  • They don’t give up. They bounce back the next day.
  • They know and embrace their roles. Every ant in a colony has a specific role.
  • They don’t lay around hoping someone else will fix their problem. They get to work to fix it themselves.

When you are faced with a loss at work, on your team, etc. will you respond like the ant or will you allow the situation to tear you down and keep you down? Adversity will happen. We can let it destroy us or we can use it to create something different and often better.

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